About BioMeat

Wolfgang Vogt

Wolfgang Vogt – Founder

We have our office in Bischweier, Germany.

BioMeat offers organic meat for further processing for the production of organic ham and organic sausages. We sell exclusively organic meat, mainly organic pork, furthermore organic beef, organic veal and organic lamb.

BioMeat supports the principles of organic agriculture. Our organic meat is produced in accordance with the directive of organic agriculture of the EU and partly Naturland.


The company philosophy of BioMeat is based on the following principles:

  • Safety and quality

    Strictly controled and first-class products

  • Control and transparency

    Traceability in the whole process till the producer

  •  Confidence

    Strengthen confidence in clientes and consumers in save and high quality organic meat

  •  Assume responsibility

    Towards consumers and suppliers. In our commitment for organic products we stand for trust and sustainability with a view to future generations, animals and nature.

  • Good and fair cooperation with our partners

  • Sensory pleasure and taste

    Organic breeding and feeding is reflected in the final product as outstanding quality and best taste.